Horizon Portal

1/22/2021 - We've made some updates to the VMWare Horizon server!

The new CMSD Desktop should respond faster and provide a better experience.
Please read the new instructions here: Horizon Portal in HSMS Offices / Chromebook

If you are accessing from a Chromebox in an office or from a Chromebook, please use the VMWare Horizon app instead of the web link for the best results.

If you are having issues with VMWare Horizon, please submit a Helpdesk ticket so we are aware of the problem.

Make sure to use your school email address and email password to login into the View Portal.

Please read the VMWare Horizon Instructions AND How To Use Drive File Stream and Smart Notebook below before accessing the View Portal.
If you are using SmartNotebook, you must make sure you log into your Drive File Stream before you attempt to use it or your work may be lost!

Click here to access VMWare Horizon