Congratulations to our Center Moriches UFSD
SCOPE "Shining Above the Rest" 2019 honorees:

o  Ms. Victoria Brockmann - Center Moriches PTA President
o  Ms. Michelle Craig - Center Moriches Elementary Librarian
o  Ms. Marissa Mangogna - Center Moriches High School Teacher
o  Ms. Robyn Rayburn - Board of Education Vice President
o  Mr. William Thompson - Center Moriches Maintenance Supervisor

All five recipients will be honored with the 2019 Award for Excellence on Monday, March 18, 2019, at the 18th Annual SCOPE School District Awards Dinner.

If you would like to attend this event, please print the attached Registration Form and return it along with payment no later than Thursday, February 7, 2019, to Dorothy Brown, Secretary to the Superintendent.

 2018 SCOPE Recipients 
o  Ms. Judy Ponticello - Center Moriches Confidential Assistant  
o  Mr. Lawrence Voelger - Center Moriches Middle School Teacher
o  Ms. Annemarie Magee -  Center Moriches Elementary School Teacher
o  Mr. William Nofi - Center Moriches Network Systems Administrator
o  Ms. Courtney Fabian - Center Moriches School Social Worker

2017 SCOPE Recipients
o  Dr. Patricia Flynn-Trace - Center Moriches High School Teacher  
o  Ms. Danielle Sirico - Center Moriches Elementary Teacher
o  Ms. Maria Kreuscher -  Center Moriches Middle School Support Staff
o  Ms. Cassy Caputo - Center Moriches Community Service Organizer
o  Officer Nancy Ward - Suffolk County School Resource Officer/Educator

2016 SCOPE Recipients
o  Ms. Teresa Horoszewski - Middle School Teacher
o  Ms. Kathleen Johnson - Community Member
o  Mrs. Virginia Mesiano - Elementary School Teacher 
o  Mrs. Irene Navas - Poospatuck Reservation Community Liason

2015 SCOPE Recipients
o Carol Perkins - Business Official
o Annette Rank - Community Member
o William Wegener - Middle School Teacher
2014 SCOPE Recipients
o Susan Brubaker - Elementary Teacher
o Patricia Galietta - High School Secretary / Clerical
o Veronica Kellner - High School Teacher

2013 SCOPE Recipients
o Patricia Cunningham - Middle School Principal
o Wendy Turkington - Board of Education Member

2012 SCOPE Recipient
o Olga Kiefer - Admin. Secretary / Clerical

2011 SCOPE Recipient
o Joseph McHeffey - Board of Education Member